Mats for the Homeless

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Ever wondered what to do with all those clean, dry, used plastic shopping bags?

Mats for the Homeless may be the ministry for you! Mat Brown

Here’s how we do it. The shopping bags are flattened out and then cut into strips to make yarn. The yarn is used to crochet a mat that measures about 36″ by 72″ along with a carrying strap. Because the mats are made from plastic, each one becomes a water resistant and soft surface when placed on the ground, and may also be used as a wrap during the cold weather.

As of December 2013,  we have donated  34 mats to The Shelter. Since The Shelter is at overflow capacity on most nights, these mats are used for those who sleep outside on the concrete.

While most who work on this project do so at home, there are some who prefer to meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month from September to May in the Conference Room.

Knowing how to crochet is not necessary to be part of this ministry. People of all ages are able to help with at least one aspect of this project. Bags may be taken home to be cut into strips, and strips may be taken home to make into yarn.

Mat for the HomelessAnd for those who already know how to crochet, a bin containing yarn for your use is located in the Welcome Center. Please stop by and pick up a ball at any time. (Thanks to your great response we currently have a good supply of bags!)


How can you serve?

  • Join us at our next meeting – watch the bulletin for the date and time
  • Learn how to cut bags into strips
  • Learn how to make yarn from strips
  • Learn how to crochet a Mat
  • Pick up bags from church and cut into strips at home
  • Pick up strips from church and make into yarn at home
  • Attend a monthly workshop (September to May)



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