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Guatemala Mission Team Needs Donations: Can You Help?

Your Guatemala mission team is in need of the following: artifcial tears, Tylenol for adults, kids, and infants; ibuprophen; Aleve; cough and cold medications; Benadryl; and Pepto Bismol. Our trip is only eight weeks away and will be here before we know it! Help us help the indigenous Mayan people with your generous donations. God bless you for your support.

Gutemala Mission Donations

Guatemala 2Did you know that the funds collected to support the Guatemala Mission Trip go toward construction of a home and support of our medical clinics in October? A earthquake / hurricane resistant home will be constructed of concrete block and rebar. Home construction will be started by our team and finished by local laborers. The medical clinics will see over 600 patients. Mission team members pay their own airfare, hotel and other expenses. For more info,
please go to mission team.