word from wayne

A Word from Wayne, December 22, 2016

She came down the steep driveway steering the push-button drive Dodge Station Wagon. Her “Sleigh” was loaded to the roof-line, filled with toys and every baked good imaginable. Squeals of glee burst forth as my brother Thomas and I ran up the driveway to greet Mammy. My grandmother was no ordinary woman. …more

A Word from Wayne, November 18, 2016

Dear Trinity Family,

Two of my favorite thanksgiving songs are “Bless This House” and “Give Thanks!” As I participated in the dedication of the recently “remodeled” home for Mariah Blake, the faithful matriarch and mainstay of our Allen Outreach Neighborhood Ministry, I experienced a wonderful synergy and coming together of a diverse ministry team reaching out to their community.…more

A Word from Wayne, August 18,2016

“What Makes a Great Church?” is the title of our Sermon Series. It is based on Paul’s letter to the Philippian Church. Among all of Paul’s letters, the book of Philippians best illustrates John Wesley’s often repeated characterization of the Christian Life as both Happy and Holy! Paul urges the church to become recipients of God’s GRACE, and live as a community of faith “in a manner worthy of Christ’s gospel.…more

A Word from Wayne, August 3, 2016

The afternoon began like any other. Friends playing with sticks walking down the sandy road that followed the lakeshore. Chasing butterflies, picking blackberries along the fence line, and spinning memes that no one believed were true. And then we passed the whitewashed house that looked its age and then some. On the side of the house was the plum orchard. Trees laden with plump red fruit, ripened by the Florida sunshine and swollen from the afternoon rains on a lazy summer afternoon.…more

A Word from Wayne, July 28, 2016

As a child growing up on Cherry Lake in rural north Florida, many of my memories are centered around water. A cool lake in the middle of summer became a gathering place for family and friends. Weekends, and especially Sunday afternoons, became a time for “dinner on the grounds” including platters of fried chicken, potato salad, sliced garden tomatoes, and of course, watermelon cooled in the shade and sandy bottom of shallow lake waters.…more

A Word from Wayne, July 22, 2016

This past Wednesday, Ramona and I drove down to Leesburg to visit our children and youth attending the Warren Willis Youth Camp. Trinity has had a long history of connecting to our Florida Conference Camping Ministry. This summer, Rev. Barbara Hynes celebrates her 20th Consecutive Summer of attending camp with our children and youth. Our new Children’s Director, Allison Corrigan is attending for the first time with Lisa Prasse, parent and Praise Band Director, accompanying our group of 35 Children and Youth for her second year in a row!…more

A Word from Wayne, July 7, 2016

In my sermon last Sunday, I touched on my journey of Spiritual Formation and my need to learn how to practice some of the more contemplative Spiritual Disciplines. I’ve discovered over the years that it’s very hard for me to sit still for long! My need to move is often diametrically opposed to being still long enough to listen for the voice of God.…more