UMW in Ministry Old

What is United Methodist Women in Ministry?

UMW is the group of women in each congregation who are organized for mission. UMW has existed under many different names since 1869. Churches have merged, but all titles have reflected the church in mission partnership with God. Because the United Methodist Church is a connectional church, Trinity’s UMW organization relates directly to district and conference organizations of UMW, and the United Methodist Women Agency of the United Methodist Church.

The New UMW: United Methodist Women in Ministry Unit of UMW

We are women like you—women of diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds; employed, not employed; housewives; businesswomen; single, married, divorced, young, middle-aged, and older women. We are women committed to mission. The undesignated giving of the United Methodist Women touches the lives of many persons around the world. The total program of UMW is mission—including mission education, spiritual growth, outreach, and action.

The fellowship and educational and spiritual growth of the organization will be the focus of special meetings, Bible studies during Lay Academy sessions and meetings of small action teams–formerly called “UMW circles,” which meet once a month in homes or at the church.

At Trinity in Tallahassee, the new name is United Methodist Women in Ministry Unit of UMW. Restructured in January 2013, its members chose to emphasize hands-on ministry in the community while continuing to support global missions financially. The women of Trinity will actively follow other parts of the UMW purpose–to create a supportive fellowship, to grow spiritually, and to become informed about the needs of women, children and youth.

How to Become a Member

All women of the church are invited to become an active member, or just take part in meetings, studies, or volunteer tasks in the community.