Trinity's Historical Society Publication Since 2017

Crossroads is published quarterly. Click below to read issues of Crossroads, which features news of activities and original research on historical events relating to Trinity and its church community. 


In 2017, the first issue of Crossroads was published. The initial aim was to report on the activities of the Historical Society, but by the time of its publication, the vision of a newsletter had changed to a more comprehensive goal: a publication of original historical research. Crossroads is a group effort of the Historical Society with various members conducting research, writing, interviewing, and copyediting. Pam Crosby is founder and editor, and a special contributor to the research is E. Lynn McLarty, who has published numerous volumes of records for the archives and continues to add to the body of historical research at Trinity, including leading video-taped interviews. All persons are welcomed to submit manuscripts, stories, photos, and descriptions for consideration of publication in the periodical. We also welcome volunteers to become a part of the staff.

Learn more about history at Trinity:

Historical Society

The Historical Society is responsible for showing and telling the history of Trinity through the publication of its quarterly newsletter Crossroads, displays of documents and artifacts, and sponsorship of  presentations and meetings.  

The Historical Society is open to anyone who is interested in or wishes to be involved with church history.   

Committee for the Preservation of Church History

The CPCH is a ministry of the Church Council with members appointed by the Council and with other individuals who serve as associate members. The CPCH is responsible for researching and preserving the many documents, journals, reports, photographs, recordings, and other material relevant to our church history.

Contact Dr. Pam Crosby, Crossroads editor, for more information, to submit a work to Crossroads, and/or to volunteer to serve on the publication staff.