From the Rev, April 6, 2016

from the rev

Dear Friends,
I read somewhere that it takes 10,000 hours to master any craft such as playing an instrument or making furniture or writing poetry. That’s probably true. And it leads me to wonder about other parts of our lives as well.

What about becoming a compassionate person?

What about learning to treat others the way you would like to be treated so that way becomes second nature to you?

What about becoming a good parent or spouse?

Do you think that same 10,000 hour statistic holds true? Do you realize that translates into two hours per day for a little less than fourteen years?!

I think we all understand that it requires lots of practice to truly master a craft or a skill or a hobby we enjoy. We even understand it takes continuing practice to maintain those things once we’ve mastered them.

But what about the practice required not just to do what we do, but to become the type of person we want to be? I want to be more compassionate, more faithful, more respectful, more thoughtful. I would like to listen better than I do. I would like to be more patient with myself than I often am. I would like to risk more.

Are these learned skills as well? Do these require the same diligent practice as learning to play the piano or build a beautiful piece of furniture? If so, how do I begin to practice for that today?

10,000 hours.

2 hours a day.

For 14 years.

I’m retiring in in 10 weeks.

I better get started!

You are loved,