From the Rev, March 30, 2016

from the rev

Dear Friends,

The world is full of a lot of crazy, awful stuff. I know that. I read and listen to the news. I stand with and pray for people who walk through what the Bible describes as the valley of the shadow of death. When you read the headlines or stand in sorrowful places, when you see what human beings can do to each other, you can begin to believe that the whole world is going to hell in a hand basket.

But are we really? Going to hell in a hand basket, that is? I don’t think so. Or perhaps more accurately, I choose to believe that is not the case. We get so involved in leading our lives from one day to the next, the challenges and deadlines that daily life throws at us, that we become unaware of the everyday acts of kindness that are right in front of us. But they are there…If we choose to see them.

Goodness and kindness is all around us. We walk through it every day and are often blind to it. A smile from someone tells you they are happy to see you. A tear speaks volumes about how much you mean to another person. A kind word at just the right moment is healing. A brief note of appreciation warms you with joy. These are all acts of kindness which make us believe again that goodness still exists, that fellow humans still care for each other without any ulterior motive.

Let’s not ignore it. If we are more aware in our daily lives of the smallest of acts, the world will appear to be a much kinder place.

So today, I will choose to look for goodness.

Today, I will choose to look for kindness.

Today, I will choose to look generosity.

And, I will remember to say “Thank You.”


You are loved,