From the Rev, November 15, 2015

from the rev

Dear Friends,

So many of us today want some credit for everything we do. If it is commendable, please commend it. We don’t even mind a certificate just for trying hard! We don’t have to win, do something spectacular, or even memorable. But we appreciate the pat on the back and the sense of appreciation. That’s how many of us are different than veterans. When you talk to the average veteran and thank them, their response is simple: “All I did was serve.” We know! And what’s crazy is the fact that you don’t demand recognition or applause or medals or standing ovations or even certificates. You are happy to have done your part.

We are happy you did your part, too. Thank you!

Those who serve make a sacrifice many of us do not appreciate, especially being away from their family for months at a time. Our daughter, Brittany, has just moved to Tallahassee from Texas where her husband, Ben, has been serving in the Air Force a Ft. Hood. She is a professional photographer and one of her specialties is capturing those special times when the soldier returns home from months in Afghanistan. Through her photography she tells the story of their homecoming. Whenever I see these photo-stories I am moved to tears as Brittany captures the emotion of a long awaited reunion. Click HERE to view one of her stories, and as you scroll through these pictures, say a prayer of thanks for our veterans and all of those who currently serve today:

Veterans, we honor you today. We honor those who did not get to come home. We honor those who came home wounded. We realize that we Americans have not always shown you the honor you deserve. For that, we are sorry. We want you to hear us before it is too late: Thank you!

It doesn’t matter to us where you served, when you served, or in what branch of service you served. We are grateful. We will remind our children. We will say a prayer. We will celebrate freedom. We will remember. We will thank God for you and all you have provided for us.