Aldersgate: Room 302


The ages of class members vary widely from mid-thirties to 60 plus. From its very beginnings 30 years ago, Aldersgate has been a class characterized by lively discussion on a wide-range of topics. It is definitely not a lecture class.


Subjects that are covered range from Bible studies to contemporary issues; from Christian theology to world religions; from spiritual growth to social activism. While class members’ views often differ, individuals strive to listen and learn from one another, embracing both their differences and their common desire to grow in faith.

Class time includes a brief period of socializing and sharing, followed by discussion on the scheduled topic. Typically, the class plans its study schedule a year in advance.


In addition to Sunday morning class time, the Aldersgate class has frequent social gatherings, such as dinner at a local restaurant, a play or movie together, or a “game night” at a member’s home. The class’s annual Christmas brunch, held each year in early December, is a much anticipated gathering not only of class members, but also extended family, friends, and class alumni.


Aldersgate engages in frequent service projects, including assisting with Shelter meals, addressing needs of children in foster care or youth transitioning out of foster care, as well as other projects brought the attention of the class by members.