Bible Journeys: Room 306

Our Mission: To know and share the Good News of JESUS CHRIST!


Meeting Time: 9:45 a.m. by Zoom

As the name suggests, this is a Sunday School class that uses the Bible as the final authority in teaching. It is led by Dr. Gregg Alexander. The class’s focus is to encourage and foster an in-depth study, understanding, and application of God’s Word. Attendance includes a wide spectrum of ages … from scholarly high-schoolers to seasoned Christian believers in their eighties.


Socially, the group sometimes enjoys a potluck dinner at a member’s home. Individually, we all enjoy the rich Christian friendships we share and the strong support and prayers we receive from one another.


In service, individual members participate in a wide variety of church activities and outreach such as serving meals at “The Shelter” or delivering meals to those in need on Martin Luther King Day. As a group, we typically choose a Christian charity for a special Christmas contribution, such as “Shoeboxes to Haiti” mission outreach, “Hope House,” and many others.

Our mission is this: To know and share the Good News of JESUS CHRIST! Come join us.