Jan – Mar 2022

January 30-

It seems the highest callings in life center around God and family. In the book of Genesis, Abraham struggled with both. The Bible says that God tested Abraham through his relationship with his son Isaac, so how do we respond today?  What happens when one relationship tests the other? How can one serve the other? And from God’s perspective, what does our best self really look like? In this sermon for “When Faith Ain’t Enough,” we take a closer look at the relationship of God, Abraham, and Isaac.

January 23-

There are times when faith feels like we’re pushing a boulder up a hill. These are the moments we must ask God, the scriptures, and ourselves some deeper questions. Where does faith begin? What’s God’s part in faith? How can I become more conscious of my place in it? In this sermon, we explore “When Faith Ain’t Enough” from Abraham, the father of faith.

January 16-

January 9 –

January 2 –