Jan – Mar 2022

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February 6, 2022

In the simplest of terms, a rabbi in Jesus’ day believed their followers could be like them, and could do the things they saw their rabbi doing. The gospels paint moments when Jesus’ followers become like their rabbi. In John’s Gospel, Philip, Andrew, and a young boy show us the way. – Rev. Neal Avirett

January 30-

This week in Luke’s Gospel, we read about Jesus’ hometown crowd that was only interested in those who already belonged… “the insiders.” But Jesus kept looking from the inside out. Jesus didn’t check out the membership cards and he challenges us to think a little differently. Jesus calls us to broaden our understanding of who God is and search for those who may feel as if they are on the “outside looking in…” We’ll explore the words of Isaiah the Prophet who calls us to preach Good News to the Poor, recovery of sight to the blind, and release for the captives!

January 23-

January 16-

January 9-

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