Justice: Extending the Conversation

justiceTitle: Justice: Extending the Conversation
What: Lay Academy Class
When: Wednesdays, Sept. 16 – Oct. 21, at 6:30 p.m.

Where: Room 305
Next Class Date: Sept 30
Topic: Florida Public Defense
Speakers: Manny Garcia, Public Defender, and Andy Thomas, Chief Assistant Public Defender
Coordinator: Rev. Barbara Hynes
Handout: Handout Justice #1

Recent events and our growing prison system have caused many to look at our criminal justice system and consider the justice issues involved—particularly for people of minority populations and especially for young African American males. To help extend that conversation, we have invited persons who have worked directly with these issues to speak to us. They will address concerns about our present system from the aspects of public defense and prosecution, rehabilitation, restoration of rights, ministering to those incarcerated, and will provide some honest extended conversations about the need for racial justice in our country today.


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