Hats for Friends

Winters in Tallahassee can be cold, and many of our local homeless do not have proper cold weather clothing. When Beth and Wayne Curry attended their first Community Christmas Dinner at Trinity, Beth noticed that many of the attendees didn’t have sufficient warm clothing. The Hats for Friends ministry was established in 2009 so that knitted hats and scarves could be given to attendees at that year’s Community Christmas dinner.

Throughout the year, hats and scarves are knitted or crocheted, and then donated to those in need. Since this ministry first formed in 2009, over 1250 hats, scarves and sets have been given to our guests at the Community Dinner on Christmas Day, The Shelter, and other agencies in Tallahassee.

Our Project Work

Although we have meetings, most of the work is done at home throughout the year. We’ll teach you how to knit or crochet if you’d like to learn, or sew in “You are Loved” labels and attach our special prayer card. Completed hats may be left in the bin at the end of the hallway just outside the doors to the Conference room. Free yarn is available in the same location or members can purchase their own.

With a dynamic interplay of service, love, and skill, Hats for the Homeless project participants year round to provide hat/scarf sets of all colors and sizes to our Tallahassee community friends. Over 250 sets are given out – first to our guests on Christmas Day at the Community Dinner, and any remaining items are divided between HEO, Hope Community, and Leon County Schools.

This project is active all year so there are enough hats ready when cold weather starts.

Volunteers Needed

Please consider helping in one or more of the ways below:

  • Learn to crochet/knit (we will provide patterns and training)
  • Knit or crochet a hat or scarf at home and drop off in bin in Welcome Center
  • Donate dark yarn
  • Sew “You are Loved” labels inside completed items at home

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Giving Your Best for Jesus’ Sake

“Then the King will say, ‘I’m telling the solemn truth: whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me.’” Matthew 25:40

scarfThese hats and scarves represent many hours of dedicated service. Here are just two examples from this ministry of sharing God’s love with others by giving your best for Jesus’ sake:

Someone donated a box full of hand crocheted/knitted hat and scarf sets that were lovingly made. Each set uses a different pattern and luscious complementary colors. Some of the designs are intricate and probably took many hours to create. They are the kind of soft, luxurious gift you would make for a beloved family member or friend.

scarves and hatsAnother woman, who has been feeling under the weather and couldn’t get to church, made 60 hat/scarf sets to donate to this ministry while she was recuperating at home.

God loves us and asks us to show our love to Him by sharing it with others. The efforts of those participating in this ministry are pleasing to God, much appreciated by the recipients, and an inspiration to all. You can get involved by making hats/scarves (we’ll teach you how) or sewing “You are Loved” labels and tying a prayer card onto each hat.

Please contact Ann Jenkins with any questions.