Local Missions Ministry Team

Local Missions Ministry Team Mission Statement: To encourage members of Trinity United Methodist Church to become involved in social issues affecting our local community through the following: social service, social education, social witness and social action.

This ministry team is the core of Trinity’s Heart for the City. All programs supported by this ministry team focus on services and needs within the Tallahassee Community.

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We continually evaluate and streamline the number of programs we serve so that our efforts can be meaningful and significant. In addition, as vital community programs supported by the Local Missions Ministry Team become self-supporting and more independent (which is a goal), the Local Missions Ministry Team will redirect support to community programs in greater need of Trinity’s support and encouragement.

Program Descriptions: Click here for s a brief description of each ministry program currently supported by the Local Missions Ministry Team.

A Local Missions Ministry Team member serves as coordinator/liaison to each ministry program through the following:

  1.  Maintaining strong communication with the agency, board, and/or congregational program coordinator
  2.  Providing assistance – manpower identification, resources and encouragement
  3.  Providing oversight/assessment of the effectiveness of the program
  4.  Soliciting the involvement of other Local Missions Ministry Team members, congregation, and particularly new members

In all ministry programs supported by the Local Missions Ministry Team, our hope is that “With God’s Guidance, and our energies, the ministries of this team can make a difference in our community.”

Trends and Issues: The Local Missions Ministry Team continues to focus on supporting programs in such a way that Trinity’s efforts can have a strong and visible impact in our community.