Mats for the Homeless

Ever wondered what to do with all those clean, dry, used plastic shopping bags? Trinity has joined with others around the country who are repurposing these bags to make something extremely useful (and in great demand) – a water-resistant, cushiony sleeping mat for people who are homeless. The bags are cut into strips to make “yarn” and then crocheted into a sleeping bag-size (36″ x 72″) mat. When it’s cold outside, some people even wrap them around their shoulders to keep warm. Mat Brown

Work at Home and Meet Sep-May

Most of the work on this project is done at home, but we meet monthly on the 2nd Thursday of each month (Sep-May) at 10:30 in the Conference Room to cut the bags into strips and make yarn. This plastic yarn is kept in a bin in the Welcome Center for those who want to crochet a mat, but don’t want to make the yarn. Plastic bags are also available for those who would like to cut strips or make yarn at home.

Come to any meeting and we will be glad to teach you how to make yarn or crochet a mat.

Volunteers Needed

Please consider doing one or more of the following:

  • Join us at our next meeting.
  • Learn how to cut bags into strips
  • Learn how to make yarn from strips
  • Learn how to crochet a Mat
  • Pick up bags from church and cut into strips at home
  • Pick up strips from church and make into yarn at home
  • Attend a monthly workshop (September to May)

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To learn more about Mats for the Homeless, please contact Rose Glenn with any questions.

Mats for the Homeless Journal

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