Two by Two Prayer Partners

noah ark and rainbowTwo by Two is a prayer partner program at Trinity that includes children grades 3-5 and adults. Children are invited to become partners in prayer with adults in our congregation for a two-year period. For the first year, the adult will know the identity of the child for whom he/she is praying, but the child will not. Each will be asked to pray daily for their partner.

Adults are encouraged to remember their partners on birthdays and other special times with a card or a note from their secret “partner”.

A gathering will be held next year to reveal the partners to each other. They will then continue as partners for an additional year during which time we encourage them to develop their friendship and care for each other.

Children and adults turning in registration sheets will be paired Two by Two. Children will receive a note when they have been paired with an adult partner. Adults will receive information about their special student and a photo.

Click here for Child Registration form
Click here for Adult Registration online form

For more information, Please contact Allison Corrigan