Warm Clothing Needed

Warm Clothing NeededFor most of us, the recent change in weather hasn’t been a cause for concern, as we dig out the winter clothes from the back of our closet, or go to the store to buy new items. But for many, who may sleep outside or don’t have the funds for new clothing, the low temperatures can be a real hardship. 

McKinsey’s Closet at Calvary UMC is in desperate need of winter clothing donations. They are specifically looking for:
– Men’s & women’s winter coats, all sizes
– Men’s shoes, especially tennis shoes
– Men’s clothing, especially pants in sizes 32-36
– Men’s & women’s underwear, all sizes

They receive donations on Monday mornings from 8:30 to 11:00 AM and on Wednesdays or other days by appointment, at Calvary UMC at 218 Ausley Rd. Tallahassee FL 32304. Call Bob McSmith at (850) 576-4066 or Pastor Bill Petersen at (850) 510-7759 to set up a time for drop-off.