bunnyNursery care is provided during all scheduled Sunday worship services and Wednesday evening activities. During committee and ministry team meetings and other special activities, nursery is provided if needed. Please call the church office, 222-1120, to register your need.


Our nursery workers are paid staff. Background checks are done on nursery staff, and each worker is trained in the procedures we follow in Trinity’s nursery program. Staff workers wear colorful smocks and nametags to make it easy for parents to identify them.

 Quick Tips

  • Bring enough diapers.
  • Mark all containers with your name.
  • Bring a bottle with milk/formula or water.
  • Pack simple snacks.
  • List allergies and habits on information card.
  • Make sure to sign in each time.
  • Remember beepers are available.
  • Keep registration card updated.

First Visit

Be sure to fill out the information card on your first visit to the nursery. This card gives the staff information such as parent names, child allergies, and any habits that the child has that the nursery staff should be aware of. Remember to update the card if anything changes in your child’s medical status.

Always Sign In

When leaving your child in the nursery, be sure to sign in your child. The sign–in sheet asks for your name, your child’s name, where you will be and when you expect to return. It is helpful to indicate the room number for the Sunday school class you attend so that the staff can reach you if needed. Also indicate if you will be attending the SUN Service or worshiping in the sanctuary.

Beepers Are Available

Before leaving the nursery, you may pick up a beeper and indicate your beeper number on the sign-in sheet. This will be used by the nursery staff to reach you if there are any problems or concerns.

Let Us Help

  • Please let staff know what to expect when leaving your child.
  • When are they due for their next bottle?
  • Did they have a late breakfast, or will they be ready for a snack soon?
  • Is your infant now starting to crawl?
  • Does your toddler stumble easily when walking?

This information will help the nursery staff to keep your child healthy and happy.