About Us


Trinity has a long and distinguished heritage of faithful ministry in downtown Tallahassee, Florida. What began as a missionary outpost to the new town of Tallahassee in 1824 is now a vibrant congregation that worships together, shares life in faith, and serves our community and beyond.


Trinity is made up of people from all walks of life who have the freedom to express themselves individually, yet join together around a common faith.


As a United Methodist Church, we are connected with millions of other United Methodists around the globe. Our common mission is to make disciples in transforming the world. Each UMC congregation lives out that vision according to its own context in conjunction with the broader view that only comes from our connection.



Be inspired by attending a traditional or contemporary worship service;  learn healthful habits by participating in Becoming Fit at Church; grow spiritually by joining a study group; get in harmony by singing or playing in a music ensemble; spread the good by volunteering in Helping Each Other; connect with new friends by taking a mission trip; or participate in the many, many other activities and groups at Trinity. You will be loved and nurtured in this church community!


Mission and Core Values

Mission: Because of God’s love for us through Jesus Christ, we exist to worship, grow and serve. Together we seek to realize our mission through our Core Values: Faith, Worship, Love, Service, Community….more

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