The Trinity United Methodist Church of Tallahassee Historical Society

The mission of the Trinity United Methodist Church Historical Society is to collect, preserve, and disseminate documents, artifacts, research, and stories of the Trinity United Methodist Church, Tallahassee, Florida, as a ministry of memory designed to connect with the church family, to identify and honor those who went before us, to live principled Christian lives ourselves, and to inspire future generations to become disciples.


trinity windowPurpose

Trinity United Methodist Church Historical Society is organized to advance the on-going history of the church since its beginning in the capital of the Territory of Florida in September 1824. The society is affiliated with the administration of that local church and conducts its programs and activities under its auspices. Working in conjunction with the church’s Preservation of History Committee, the society aims to expand its outreach to everyone who is interested in studying, researching, preserving, and disseminating its heritage.

The society will assist in caring for and displaying acquisitions of Trinity’s Heritage Room in the manner specified in museum guides, as they represent a “public trust.” An inventory of historical holdings shall be maintained. Gifts of historical materials will be accepted as usefulness to the collection is determined.

john slade graphicMembership

The society is open to all persons interested in preserving the current collection of historical records and documents of the church and helping to disseminate it with publications, programs, and additional research. Trinity members and other interested members of the public may join by completing this application form and returning it to Society members.


Activities will vary with the initiative and resourcefulness of the leadership and the interest of the members. Talks, formal addresses, papers, displays, pageants, historical plays, newsletters, book, and taped historical accounts are possible projects. Online archives is maintained where materials are shared.  The society will work with the church in preparation and implementation of historical anniversary observances. It also will cooperate with the Preservation of History Committee in responding to requests from members and the public for genealogical information that may be found in the church’s membership records.


Members are encouraged to be full participants in the activities of the society and may volunteer or be assigned to a subcommittee to help research, preserve, produce, and disseminate documents, artifacts, and other materials.