The Linda and Bob Yates Heritage Center

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Linda and Bob Yates

In honor of the contributions of Linda and Bob Yates to the preservation and presentation of Trinity’s historical documents and artifacts, the rooms that house the church’s  archives are named “The Linda and Bob Yates Center.”  The Center is a result of the extensive work of these two individuals to ensure that historical media and objects are preserved and available for viewing and researching in a convenient and welcoming setting. 

Everyone in our church has benefited from the leadership efforts of Bob and Linda and their unyielding persistence in creating a place dedicated to the church’s history. Even though their vision may have not received the early support they sought—they diligently kept to their goal. Their accomplishments have made the Yates Center everybody’s home.

Welcome to the
Yates Heritage Center

Trinity invites all interested persons to visit the Yates Heritage Center. It is located on the third floor of the education building.

Contact Information

To visit the room, or if you have any questions, please email Pamela Crosby, publications editor, at

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Heritage Room Statement

“Collecting, preserving, organizing historical materials and displaying them in a permanent heritage room is a ministry of memory designed to connect us to the Methodist church family, to identify and honor those who went before us, to live principled Christian lives ourselves, and to inspire future generations to become disciples.”

A "Ministry of Memory"

In 2009, Linda and Bob Yates envisioned a “Heritage Room” in Trinity’s education building,  Previously, all of the historical records were stored (in a small room next to the parlor and were brought out and displayed on special occasions. With Bob’s special architectural expertise and Linda’s input, the Heritage Room was created and now bears their name.  Bob and Linda created a repository of artifacts and documents that is the culmination of efforts drawn from Bob’s architectural expertise and Linda’s knowledge, skills, and leadership in historical preservation.

Things to Do

Church members and visitors can research Trinity’s history from its beginning in 1824; view the timeline display of graphics and descriptions, admire historical artifacts; read Tidings, bulletins, Crossroads, Quarterly Conference Minutes, membership records and UMW Minutes; and sit in a pew and view stained glass windows, both from the 1893 church.

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Timeline Display

Through the difficult times of Native American, Civil, and World Wars, years of prosperity, depression, and peace the timeline depicts major events over the years and the pastors and members who offered their members and the community a unifying spiritual force in the new wilderness society. Begun by a group of 10 settlers, Trinity’s heritage began in 1824, and it includes a growing and serving congregation.



The Leadership Committee of Trinity Historical Society and Preservation of Church History Committee
Proclaims the Dedication of The Bob and Linda Yates Heritage Center
WHEREAS, Charles Robert “Bob” Yates and Linda Frances Herold combined their talents, creating a formidable union to take on any challenge put before them, beginning with their wedding June 19,1948, lasting over 71 years, with caring and compassion for each other as well as those around them, accompanied by their love of church history, and
WHEREAS, Linda was founder and chief editor of the Monthly Tidings from 1974-1995, earning the 1990 honor of top newsletter nationwide of churches with more than1000 members, and
WHEREAS, in 1999 Linda was the chairperson of the 175th Anniversary of the founding of Trinity United Methodist Church, and
WHEREAS, in 1999 Linda edited and published Trinity United Methodist Church: Tallahassee’s First Church 1824-1999, and
WHEREAS, Linda and Bob took the reins of Trinity United Methodist Church’s Preservation of Church History Committee in 2003 from Jamie and Vernon Parramore, and 

Adult Education

One of the important roles of the Yates Heritage Center is to share research with our congregation and others through presentations sponsored by the church’s Historical Society.  Trinity’s Lay Academy, a series of classes for adults that occurs during the fall and spring, allows for opportunities for historians to present their findings. 

Youth Education

Each year our confirmation class visits the Yates Center as part of their confirmation process. A significant responsibility of Trinity’s Historical Society is to lead our youth in a stroll through history, beginning with the founding in 1824, so that they can get to know the people and places that have made our story the rich one it is.

Historical Society

The Historical Society is responsible for showing and telling the history of Trinity through the publication of its quarterly newsletter Crossroads, displays of documents and artifacts, and sponsorship of  presentations and meetings.  

The Historical Society is open to anyone who is interested in or wishes to be involved with church   history.   

Committee for the Preservation of Church History

The CPCH is a ministry of the Church Council with members appointed by the  Council and with other individuals who serve as associate members. The CPCH is responsible for researching and preserving the many documents, journals, reports, photographs, recordings, and other material relevant to our church history.

Join Us!

Once each quarter the combined leadership and associate members of the Historical Society and the Committee for the Preservation of Church History meet in the Yates Heritage Center to discuss best practices and other agenda items.  Twice each quarter interested members meet in the Center to sort documents and artifacts for labeled storage.  We welcome all persons to attend at any of these gatherings. 

Learn more about Trinity's history:

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