Our Leaders

United Methodists intentionally commit to the concept of the “priesthood of all believers” (1 Peter 2:5-9). Ministry, then, is a dynamic collaboration between the appointed pastors, the paid ministry support staff, and congregational leaders.

pulpitUnity at Trinity

At Trinity, we faithfully submit ourselves to the guidance of the Lord and seek the power of the Holy Spirit to unite us and inspire us to do that which is often beyond our ability.

Faithful Leadership Together

An important aspect of the overall ministry of Trinity is to help individuals discern their spiritual gifts and abilities, connect these with their passions for active service, and empower them as faithful leaders. There are a number of ways to get involved in serving, beginning with a conversation with a ministry-team leader or one of the pastors.

Pastors and congregational leadership welcome new ideas for ministry, supported by viable steps toward implementation. Those who seek to implement a new ministry will lead in its development with our support.

Our Pastors

The pastors lead the overall vision and mission of the church, beginning with the senior pastor, but supported and implemented by the other pastors and the whole congregation.

The senior pastor  and associate pastor are responsible for leadership in preaching the Word, administering the Sacraments of baptism and communion, and establishing the Order of the church body in ministry.

These pastors are itinerant in submission to the United Methodist Discipline, which means they are appointed by the Bishop, but may be moved as needed for service to the greater Florida Conference.

The director of discipleship and adult ministries has many responsibilities relating to the education and spiritual growth of our adult community and throughout the church.