Leadership Council

View the Leadership Council for 2022 here.

As is the case with any United Methodist Church body, Trinity’s core ministry leadership is made up of congregation members.  These faithful members are willing to offer their time, talents, gifts, and service to carry out the ministry of the church. Sometimes people are called to serve out of necessity, but most often people  serve the church primarily because of their passions and love of service.

Committees and Teams

Standing committees set forth by the United Methodist discipline are Finance, Trustees, Staff-Pastor-Parish Relations, and Committee on Lay-Leadership. In laypersons’ terms, these committees handle the overall operation and business of the church. Due to the faithful efforts of our members, Trinity is strong fiscally and in personnel.  Other committees have been established over the years by members who want to create a ministry that addresses targeted needs within or outside the congregation.

As you go through each week and offer your prayers, please remember those who serve on these committees.  Please also consider filling any vacancies that you may see.

Connect with Us

There are over 25 ministry teams represented within Trinity. We encourage all who worship with us to consider serving with us in any one of these teams or by creating a new ministry area. Please contact the church office (222-1120) if you are are willing to serve.